I’m a beauty ambassador

I can see how it can help me achieve a healthier skin especially that my skin is already starting to age visibly.

Q. What made you fall in love with skincare?

Q. Please introduce yourself to our community

My name is Jasmin. My friends call me Jazzy.  I have a bachelor degree in Medical Technology. I love Science. Colorful things attracts my eyes. I’m a poet, a musician I express my emotions through writing and singing. I’m a beauty ambassador. I try skin cares, makeups and I do nails arts on my own for pretty nails catches attention.

Q. Please describe your skin type

Oily – sensitive

Q. What’s your most favorite product from ours, and how many have you used so far? 

I love the Jumiso All Day Vitamin Clean and Mild Facial Cleanser and have finished three of it already.

Q. What do you like about that product and how does it feel when you use it?  

It has a great scent and it can deeply cleanse my skin even the makeup residues that were left after using a makeup remover. It does not give me any stings or itchiness and can help in making my skin plumper too.

Q. Could you feel the difference after using our product?

Yes. My skin feels refreshed and cleansed.

Q. What do you consider when you choose your skincare product? Where do you get the information?

I consider the price. Then check the reviews.

Q. How did you find us?

Social media

Q. What was your skin concern when you found us?


Q. Please describe your skincare routine

My morning routine starts with a gel or a powder cleanser, followed by a hydrating toner, sometimes, I do facial washing, then toner, serum, and moisturizer. I add sunscreen in my morning routine and makeup remover at night prior to facial washing.

Q. What made you fall in love with skincare?

I can see how it can help me achieve a healthier skin especially that I am starting to notice visible signs of my skin aging.

Q. Is there any reason for you to love skincare products from foreign countries?

Yes, I love international skincare products. Different countries have different types of researches and norms, and if it is effective, then yes, I will surely love it.

Q. Which Jumiso product would you recommend to those with similar skin type or concerns?

The Jumiso All Day Vitamin Clean and Mild Facial Cleanser and the mask

Q. Due to Covid-19, we spend more time at home. What do you usually do when you stay home?

I am basically a home buddy so I enjoy staying at home a lot. You’ll just see me doing some self-care things like diamond peeling, facial, foot spa, or nail art designing.

Q. What’s your new year’s skin goal?

For the year 2022, I am looking forward for a more youthful and glowing skin. I am not getting any younger, so I will definitely focus on my skin’s oil-water balance and wrinkle care. I want to have that Korean glass-skin glow!

Q. Can you tell us more about your self-care at home?

About my self-care routines at home, I typically do it with my mom. We do facial diamond peeling (diamond dermabrasion) twice a month to remove the dead skin cells and skin impurities/texture on our faces. (I have attached a video of my mom doing the diamond peeling on my face). We do not do this often for it can do harm than good. It will strip off the natural skin barrier. After that, we use a moisturizing mask sheet to put back our skin’s hydration. We also do foot spa treatment for relaxation and to soften our feet as well. (sorry I do not have a photo of us doing this) 😅 Lastly, I love nail art designing so I try to learn by myself and do some cute designs for me, my mom, and my sis and sometimes for my friends too.

Q. Can you tell us about your country? (ex. weather)

Photo: Unsplash

I live in Manila Philippines were humidity is very high and even for a person like me who doesn’t perspire much will definitely perspire a lot. 😅 So a great skincare product like Jumiso which has the ability for oil controlling would be a big help especially for my oily skin type.

Q. What do you like to do during the weekends?

I am a content creator so during weekends, I make some video review contents for my Youtube channel or I take photos for my skincare product reviews for my Instagram account and blog. If I have more available time, I watch K-drama series which is my favorite thing to do as well.

This is the link to my Youtube vlog:


Jumiso video review:

My product review blog:


Q. What is your favorite K-Drama and why do you like it?
Can you recommend any song/travel destination/movie from your country? 

I am currently watching “Now We Are Breaking Up” featuring Jang Ki Yong and “Bad And Crazy” which features Lee Dong Wook, my long-time favorite celebrity crush 😍
My all-time favorite K-series are Goblin, which focuses on unconditional and true love, and Touch Your Heart (which I have watched for 5 times)! I love the chemistry of Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na. The whole series flutters my heart and makes my mood light.

Photo: Official Website

Q. Can you recommend any song/travel destination/movie from your country? 

I’II totally recommend tourists to visit Boracay. It is a well-known place for lagoons, resorts and white sandy beaches here in the Philippines. There are a lot of foreigners visiting Boracay and once you see it, it is impossible for you not to think about coming back. It’s a vacation paradise with a budget-friendly cost.

Photo: Unsplash

Q. Message to viewers and Jumiso community.

Hi everyone! If you are having a bad day, smile. A bad skin? Smile. Our life is so precious not to smile. Be happy. Stop the hate, stop the envy, stop the competition. Everything has a solution and we should lift each other up by giving a positive energy to one another. Having skin concerns? Jumiso is here to give that wide smiles back on those with frowny faces. Smile, and see how the world will smile back at you.

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