I started slow, trying different things, slowly discovering what works for my skin

It’s time when I only focus on myself
The textures and scents of products. The feel of it on my skin and most imporantly it is working for me

Q. What made you fall in love with skincare?

Q. Please introduce yourself to our community

Hello Everyone! I’m Andy. I’m currently 34 years old and I began my skincare journey 3 years ago! My skin always looked dull and tired. I discovered Korean skincare while watching YouTube videos. It was fascinating and thus I began taking care of my skin and turned to blog about it on Instagram. I started slow, trying different things, slowly discovering what works for my skin! And I love how I’m come so far! My skin is much taken care of!

Q. Please describe your skin type

Initially, my skin was the combination type, post my second baby and moving to a drier city it’s now Normal!

Q. What’s your most favorite product from ours, and how many have you used so far? 

It’s the Jumiso All Day Vitamin Brightening Serum. I’ve used 6 bottles so far!

Q. What do you like about that product and how does it feel when you use it?  

The serum works for my skin! It’s hydrating and helps nourish my skin! The stable Vit c is a good boost too!

Q. Could you feel the difference after using our product?

Yes, the serum helped in maintain my skin tone, helped to hydrate and provided a healthy glow!

Q. What do you consider when you choose your skincare product? Where do you get the information?

The brand who makes the product matters, the ingredients and what it targets. I often use the brands website and Instagram reviews for information. Often international websites like Yesstyle or style Korean as well

Q. How did you find us?

I found Jumiso on Instagram

Q. What was your skin concern when you found us?

Dullness and uneven skin tone.

Q. Please describe your skincare routin

My morning routine starts with a gel or a powder cleanser, followed by a hydrating toner, some days I use an essence for adding an extra boost, followed by a vitamin C serum, moisturiser and Sunscreen.
At night I always double cleanse, followed by a mild acidic toner, I use Retinol twice a week and the other days plant based serums. I love to use face balms as well. End it with a moisturiser

Q. What made you fall in love with skincare?

The fact that it’s my personal time, it’s time when I only focus on myself. The textures and scents of products. The feel of it on my skin and most importantly it is working for me

Q. Is there any reason for you to love skincare products from foreign countries?

Yes, I love international skincare. Different countries have different types of research and norms that have to be followed. There are regulatory bodies which monitor strictly. There are research materials that are available, and this make me want to try more from all over the world! They have access to many ingredients as well!

Q. Which Jumiso product would you recommend to those with similar skin type or concerns?

I love the Vitamin Day Serum and the Yes, I’m toner!

Q. Please share your thoughts on our Waterfull line products that you’ve tried recently.

I’m glad that Jumiso has released a Toner and a moisturiser which only focuses on Hydration. Often we are so focused on actives and forget to use hydrating products. The Waterfulll Toner comes in a easy to use bottle, I love that the texture is thick and thus lesser product is needed at one go, it’s non sticky and super hydrating. The moisturiser is a gel cream, it’s easy to spread and absorbs easily into the skin. Its light and it would work so well the summer season. I appreciate that it comes with a spatula so you wouldn’t have you use your fingers.

Q. What do you like to do during the weekends?

We are very Family oriented and live with our parents and Gradnparents! Spending time with family is what takes up my weekends.

Q. Due to Covid-19, we spend more time at home. What do you usually do when you stay home?

In the past two years we have been restricted to being Home! This made me discover my love for growing plants and also improvise my cooking skills. I love Asian food and Italian food and often cook!

Q. Can you recommend any song/travel destination/movie from your country? 

India is such a Diverse country! We have different cultures and languages as per the different regions! We have it all from snow capped mountains to coastal and warm sunny beaches!

Music song and dance are as diverse as they can be! You can pick from holidaying in the foothills of the Himalayas in Shimla up to the snow capped mountains in Gulmarg!
Warm cozy Partying beaches at Goa to Holy temples scattered throughout the country!

Music is therapy and we love to sing out favourite tunes! A beautiful song about journeys and self discovery is called Safarnama it was made for the Bollywood Movie Tamasha.

Here is a link to it.

Q. Message to viewers and Jumiso community.

Take ample time when you do your routine… it’s your me time!
Since you know your skin the best pay attention to what works…Simple or Elaborate it’s all about what your skin needs!

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