Slowly but Surely

‘I don’t like sudden change, and I wish our products can change people’s skin slowly but surely.

What is your favorite product from Jumiso?
  • Please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello, I am Siheon Keum from South Korea.
I am the co-founder of skincare brand Jumiso, and I am responsible for overseas marketing and branding. I live with my family near Seoul, the capital city of South Korea.

  • Q. Can you tell us about your country?

I guess many people will come up with BTS and K-POP when they think about South Korea, but it is a country with much more attractions to be discovered.
People in Korea are so energetic, and I personally think the real fun of Korea comes from the culture created by people, instead of old palaces and places.

We’ve created an Instagram account to share the hidden beauty of Korea, but it is currently inactive due to Covid-19. But I will definitely start posting on this account when I get time.

Tell us about this project.

Our company was very small when we started, and we even had to set up our very first office at our own house. We did not have enough resources for marketing and product development, of course.
So our brand grew up by communicating with our customers through Instagram, and it was the only marketing we could afford at that time. It surely took a while, but we learned so much from our customers while having conversations with them individually.

I thought it would be a great chance to bond this together by putting their stories together as I ended up with a conclusion that there are so many people related to one brand, and this is why we started this project.
‘Smile Bonding’ is one of our brand philosophies, and I believe that this project will lead us to that.

What’s your goal with this project?

Success of a brand comes from the customers, so we owe from our customers.We want to be a good brand and have a positive impact on people in some way.

When was the most difficult time?
The first two years were very difficult for me.
Since there was no capital, we started with a small rooftop room. There was no one to help with our design works, so we had to get them done by ourselves.

During that time, we set up a small studio in our office to film some videos for our project called ‘Weekly Jumiso’. It was very amateur, but I think this time when we continuously tried to communicate with people led us to where we are today.

It took a while to start this blog after launching the brand. Is there any reason for that?

As we mentioned on our Instagram last month, we went through a lot of trial and error as our brand grew up.It really took a long time to begin this project as we had to go through many processes of manufacture, renewal, and disposal of products.
I think it is right time to start this project as our products range has been expanded including our Snail EX line, the latest launch.

What is your skin type and favorite prodcut from Jumiso?

I have oily skin and my skin is lacking moisture at the same time.
My skin is less sensitive and not prone to acne, so I can tell that my skin is perfect for testing various skincare products. Even though my skin is oily, it feels very dry in winter. Since I don’t like applying heavy product, I prefer to adjust my skin’s water-oil balance according to its condition by layering multiple products rather than applying a thick moisturizer by itself.

When it comes to the serum, I would definitely say it’s All Day Vitamin Brightening & Balancing serum, and recently launched Waterfull Hyaluronic Cream is also my favorite. think I am the one who used the most All Day Vitamin Serum in this world. I love this serum not only because it is our star product, but also it works really well on my skin.

What makes you like the product(s) from above?

I don’t like sudden change, as I think things can go wrong if you rush.
My thought is also reflected on our products, and I love our vitamin serum that delivers its effect slowly, but surely.

Tell us about the puppy on the packaging!

Her name is Yomi and she lived with me until I moved out from my parent’s house. She is 5 years old. When I was struggling with our product design, Yomi walked passed right in front of me. So I decided to add her on our packaging, and she became our mascot. Yomi is one of the great joys

Can you recommend any song / travel destination from your country?

I would recommend a song called ‘Gondry’ by band ‘hyukoh’.
The song title came from a movie director, Michel Gondry.
I love the music video filmed in winter, and I like its melody. I always listen to this song when I work at night.

hyukoh_Gondry from Youtube channel 1theK

What is Jumiso’s brand identity?

I was asked this more than thousands of times, but it is still hard for me to answer this question
Our brand is not focused on specific ingredients, and our brand is not perfectly organic.

We want our brand to be around your daily life through various products.

Skincare products basically have to change people’s skin, so I think it’s better to provide an option that can actually change the skin rather than describing it with long sentences.

What’s your plan for the future?

I want to develop more skincare products suitable for each country.
I could see that skincare products should be more varied as each country has different water, but we didn’t get a chance to work on due to financial difficulties. I want to develop our products to be suitable for each country and will try to deliver more accurate information on skincare through our Instagram accounts in different languages.

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